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Lance Camarillo
CEO/Film Director
Acting Out Studios

The Owner

Lance Camarillo is the CEO/Owner of Acting Out Studios.  His acting journey started in his final year of high school.  Lance grew up in San Antonio, TX.  He played the drums, saxophone, and piano. Linda Adami, his fine arts teacher, pushed Lance into taking theatre.  

He went to college on a music scholarship.  Lance had a big decision to make.  It was either to complete his music scholarship or fulfill his purpose in acting.  Within six months, he put his music aside and decided to pursue acting full time.  Giving up that music scholarship was not the easiest thing to do. His father was not too happy with the choice he made.  Besides how many people give up a guaranteed scholarship to chase a dream. So, he took a leap of faith and went after this dream. 


Lance started taking as many auditions as possible.  He realized he needed training and knowledge about the business.  While searching out the top theatre colleges, he heard the best acting training was in New York City.  Lance auditioned to join the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts Program.  He was accepted and given a scholarship.  After completing his degree, he moved to Los Angeles.  Lance was offered a life changing career where he began acting and teaching with famous Disney/Nickelodeon stars.  Lance began to develop a passion while touring the country teaching beginning actors the right way to enter the industry.  During his time in Texas, New York, and Los Angeles, he came across so many scams. He knew what it was like to be scammed so he wanted to prevent as many as possible from falling into that trap.  This is when the entrepreneur was born.  Lance decided to open up a company called Acting Out Studios.  The company is designed to train and equip aspiring actors in the industry.  

Word started to get out about Atlanta, GA becoming the next Hollywood.  Lance took a trip down to Atlanta.  He informed his Los Angeles agent that he was going to test out the market for a few months.  Now here we are six years later.  Lance did not return to Los Angeles.  The Atlanta market is such a wonderful place for actors to get started.  Both cities are not saturated like it is in Los Angeles and New York City.


Demo Reels are now a necessity in the auditioning process.  Lance began learning and taking on the process of producing quality cinematic scenes.  He now uses his studio to direct and film top quality monologue demo reels.  Normally it would take years and a whole lot of connections to obtain a reel the old fashion way.  Lance gives beginning actors the same type of cutting edge as a seasoned working actor.  This is what separates his company from any other scouting companies.  The talent gets the opportunity to dress up like at the Oscars, walk the red carpet, take pictures, and view their demo reel along with the industry professionals on the big screen.  He has been given countless praises from agents, casting directors, and managers who attend the movie theater event!

Lance feels extremely blessed to have the business facility to equip actors with the education, experience, and tools they need to become successful in the entertainment industry.  His passion and heart's desire is to help others fulfill their dreams.  

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Tia Talley
Production Manager

Radio Personality on The Now Network "Inspirational Living w/ Tia Talley"
Life Coach/Host/Actress/Teacher/Minister

Tia Talley currently works for Acting Out Studios as a Production Manager.  She previously worked as a Talent Scout with XXI Century Entertainment for a little over seven years.  She’s had the opportunity to utilize her pastoral skills while working with talent and still does currently.  Tia scouts new talent in Texas, Alabama, South Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, North/South Carolina, and Georgia.  In this process, she auditions aspiring actors/performers while connecting them to training programs, showcases, and talent premieres which have launched their careers.  She also has the opportunity to pray, minister, counsel, and mentor the aspiring talent by applying God's word.

She currently holds a Minister's license with Christ for the Nations and served at the Potter's House Church for several years as an Evangelist on the Evangelism team.  She also pastored at Word of Believers Church in Dallas, Texas.  As an Ordained Pastor, Tia has had the opportunity to disciple, mentor, and guide many into their purpose and destiny.

Upon her journey in Entertainment, she connected with music producer 88 Keyz, Lance Camarillo Film Director, and Raheen Ashimi who is the owner of DKM Radio.  In the process of working with this amazing group of men, she completed a gospel ep album, worked as a radio personality on “DKM Radio”, and became a Production Manager with Acting Out Studios.  ​


She’s also worked with Tony Terry on "In The Zone W/Tony Terry'' and has her own show "Inspirational Living W/Tia Talley" on the Now Net.  Tia has a strong passion for those in the Entertainment Industry and looks forward to helping those who have a desire to break into the Music/Film Industry the right way!


Kelley Cody-Grimm
Acting Coach / Screen Writer / Perfomer

Kelley's journey as an actor and writer started in grade school.  She was considered the awkward chubby blond kid.  She was picked for sports teams because she could make the other kids laugh. She turned her love of comedy into an improv career that included performing improv for various groups.  Kelley founded the award-winning OTC Comedy Troupe in 2005.   


Kelley is the creator, producer, and head writer of the web-series/blog Ghost Wanderers. The pilot was a finalist in the Reel-Time International On-Line Film Festival. She is currently writing a paranormal murder mystery based on the characters in the series. 

Her pilot script The Estrogen Squad was a finalist in the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival in 2019 and a semi-finalist in the 2018 Diverse Voices Screenwriting Lab. She loves sharing her passion for improvisation, writing, and performing with her students. 

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